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carpet cleaningTulip Cleaning Services (AKA:Carpet Cleaning Shoreline) is your local lifeline to spectacular green cleaning in and around the Seattle area. We are dedicated to showing the world that many commercial and residential cleaning needs can easily be fulfilled both in an affordable and Eco-Friendly way.

Carpet, Rugs, and Upholstery

Being keen on environmental issues, it became apparent to us early on that the real incentive for carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning should be the total removal of allergy and asthma inducing pathogens circling our breathing air. Unfortunately, we found that many local companies encouraged customers to enjoy the beauty of freshly cleaned carpets, rugs, and upholstery without mentioning the potentially life changing benefits that also come as part of the package.

Every service offered by Tulip Cleaning Services is constructed around the idea of home and air purification and, consequently, an improved air and life quality. Many of our services achieve this by virtue of the steam cleaning/hot water extraction method. Some of our services utilize other air quality cleaning methods, such as our air duct and tile and grout cleaning services, which focus on the prevention and removal of fungi forming spores.

How Does This Improve My Air Quality?

air duct and dryer vent cleaningEven though your home is supposed to be a safe refuge from outdoor pollution, as it turns out, many of our homes are just as polluted as the outdoors. Air naturally enters the home and once it has been circulated by your HVAC system, whatever that was in your air is now in your lungs, carpets, upholstery, air ducts, mattresses, and other nooks and crannies. Unless you plan to seal shut your doors and windows (which we discourage, you live in Seattle!) , you can assume that the air you breath is not pure. One first step in purifying your breathing air is to attack all the areas where impure bacteria and allergens live by using known cleaning methods in combination with potent, yet eco, child, and pet friendly solutions.

All of our services come with a free over the phone or even on-site price estimate which our lovely and experienced customer service representatives will happily provide you. They can also assist you with any additional questions or offer more details on any of our services. We look forward to helping you get on a healthier air quality track!

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